About us

Originally immigrated from central Germany in 2003. We restarted our lives from scratch in Canada. Starting with minimum wage at a restaurant. After finishing BCIT training in Electronics and Wireless Communications, I started work for a well established ISP Internet Service Provider in BC Canda. After 5 years of learning the business and sales we started our own shopify store. Learning even more about how powerful social media marketing can be. After recognising the need and potential for Social Media Marketing and finishing multiple training courses.


We started Smart Marketing 360. Our goal is to use the knowledge of Social Media Marketing to help local business owners grow their business brand and be seen by the right people. Radio advertisements and bill boards are old news. You are paying for ads that people see and have no interest in your business. Social Media Marketing can target only those people that have interest in your business or related business. We can make your business show up at the top of a google search.

We are passionate about what we do! Contact us and to learn more about what we do.


Marcel Born


Smart Marketing 360